Social Infrastructure is the facilities, spaces and networks that support the quality of life and wellbeing of our communities. It helps us to be happy, safe and healthy, to learn and to enjoy life. Social Infrastructure contributes to social identity, inclusion and cohesion, and is used by all at some point in their lives, often on a daily basis.

Citycare Property is trusted by New Zealand local and central government to build, maintain, operate, and renew our precious Social Infrastructure assets, including:

  • Green, Blue and Recreation
    Green spaces, waterways, sports facilities, and community facilities.
  • Arts and Culture
    Museums, venues, art and exhibition galleries, heritage attractions, multipurpose leisure spaces.
  • Education
    Early childhood, primary, secondary, and tertiary.
  • Social Housing
    State, community, and defence force housing.
  • Health and Aged Care
    Hospitals, aged care, and digital health systems.
  • Justice and Emergency Services
    Prisons, courts, police, ambulatory, fire and rescue and defence.

The business of Citycare Property was founded on maintaining Social Infrastructure. Our capabilities and resources are designed around long-term projects that enhance communities through these assets.